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Marine Diesel engine diagnosis and malfunction detection via indicator cock pressure measurements

Marine Diesel engines are accessed from the top of the cylinder head to the combustion chamber via an indicator cock. Engine users are interested in the analysis of this pressure information in order to run their engines most efficiently and get a clue about possible malfunctions or damages on the engine. The analysis of the measurements turns out to be difficult since the pressure information at the indicator cock is significantly distorted. The company Fuchs Technology offers a portable computer for diagnosing marine Diesel engines. The master thesis in hand provides a basis for further developments with the help of a Wärtsilä W20 engine. The engine simulation model is extended by a replication of the indicator cock which enables to create pressure data artificially at the indicator cock. By using this data, the cylinder pressure can be calculated and then analysed by interpretation algorithms. Common engine malfunctions are simulated with suitable modellings in order to get more pressure data at the indicator cock. This data is prepared and characteristics were determined from the calculated cylinder pressure, which gives information about the previously simulated malfunctions. The engine simulation offers another possibility to correct on-board measurements at the indicator cock.


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