The EDCenter, as heart of the e-line concept of International Technology, is a modern engine diagnostic cloud application. The system analyses and diagnoses the condition of the engines based on various parameters and predicts incipient failures from every ship of the entire fleet. The system also continuously analyses the fuel consumption and indicates if savings can be achieved. 


The effectiveness of the overall solution helps keeping track of the engine condition and fuel consumption with an easy traffic-light navigation across the entire fleet. Furthermore, the powerful multi-user system automates the huge data collecting and analyzing process. The EDCenter changes the habit of waiting for weeks to receive reports to be analyzed. In emergency cases chiefs, superintendents, fleet manager as well as external experts will automatically be alarmed by e-mail in order to take immediate action to ensure energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. 


The EDCenter enables structured and automated data capturing. Time-consuming analysis belongs to the past, provided by an online fleet reporting engine with a detailed diagnosis. Anytime, anywhere, the owners and operators are able to monitor the insight of their engine conditions. Immediately, consequential actions to achieve potential savings in fuel consumption can be determined.


  • Automated and easy data acquisition of all engine parameters for any type of diesel and gas engines
  • Easily manage and benchmark the whole fleet based on key performance parameters KPI's
  • Online fleet engine performance history view
  • Display of potential fuel-saving per engine, vessel, fleet, group and company
  • Immediate display of deviation from the reference values with counter-measurement
  • Automatic e-mail alarm function
  • Thermodynamic calculation with ISO correction
  • Comparative display derogating from sea trial reference
  • Comparing engines across the fleet
  • Free access communication with chat functions
  • User administration to give external experts access to individual engines or ships
  • Unlimited data upload and storage


Company view

It has never been easier to work with the huge amount of fleet engine performance data. The EDCenter automates the huge data collecting workflow and automatically analyzes the engine performance and fuel consumption process and presents the results in an easy traffic light trend view for shipowners and managers on a company level.

The EDCenter continuously evaluates the performance of the engines over the actual and historically measured values in comparison with the reference data (shop-trial) to any load point of different engine types and makes configurations for the overall company and fleet comparison.


Group view

There is no need to open a separate engine performance report to see the status of the engine. The EDCenter allows to see the status of the engine condition and fuel consumption on different company levels for fleet managers for a fleet comparison.

Activity driven and guided by traffic lights you can quickly drill down to view the importand engine performance information on an company group level. The system allows to integrate complex company structure of sister companies.


Division view (fleet)

On a division level superintendents are enabled to benchmark the permanent development of their individual ships with engine condition and fuel consumption.

Easily, they can monitor and compare the status for their different vessel or plants based on selected key performance indicators KPI's.







Unit view (ship/plant)

On the unit level the superintendent receives the KPI performance view of the ship's engines. The results presented are based on limits as green "ok" yellow "attention" and red "action". 

The view simplyfies benchmarking the engines. The traffic lights indicate the engines which need to be monitored in particular. Easily, you can drill down to the engine evaluation level for detailed diagnostic information.



Engine performance overview

On the engine level, the selected KPI performance indicators show the thermodynamic health of the engine in an actual view and a trend view.
Individually, each user can change the KPI settings for his view:

The EDCenter allows you to compare the trend of the thermodinamical health with the related trend of the fuel consumption in different views.

In simplified engine graphs you can easily monitor all cylinder related parameters which are deviating from the normal range with traffic lights.


Engine Evaluation

The EDCenter automatically analyses and diagnoses the condition of the engine based on various paramenters and predicts incipient failures with recommendations for correction. 






Engine report 

For each engine an individual report over all parameters can be viewed and printed directly from the EDCenter. 

                                Engine report












Individual parameter view

The view allows to monitor the engine condition on traffic lights
in a logical grouped parmeter view such as: 

- Cylinder related
Shop test related


Cylinder pressure

If you like to view the cylinder pressure curve for deeper analysis of your measurement the EDCenter will present:

- Combustion pressure curve (P angle)
Rate of change pressure in crank angle (derivative curve)
Pressure volume (P volume)
Soft spring diagram of P volume

For a detailed view you can easily zoom to a specific places on the curve which needs attention.



Compare fleet engines

The EDCenter allows you to compare engines accross the fleet against all parameters including the graphical view.






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