Overall e-line Concept

International Technology offers a complete engine diagnostic
and validation package as a total solution called e-line.

The unique e-line concept of International Technology supports ship
owners and managers to improve engine efficiency and maximise profitability. It offers a leading edge technology to measure the engine performance and specific fuel consumptions across the entire fleet.

Furthermore, the concept facilitates the automatic engine performance data collection for marine and stationary diesel and gas engines. It's also designed to validate and manage the engine performance data comparing actual ISO corrected measurements with load related shop trial data. This serves chief engineers as well as ship owners and operators to get a quick status of the engine performance and fuel consumption.  

The e-line consists of a 3-layer concept:

The unique and modular e-line concept can independently be used on each layer and flexibly upgraded at any time.

Company and fleet engine diagnostic layer

The EDCenter analyzes and validates the actual and historical engine condition including the fuel consumption and visualizes the results graphically for a unit, fleet, division, group and company analysis.

The EDCenter collects the data from the DocSoft on the vessel engine diagnostic layer.

Unit engine diagnostic layer

The DocSoft e-3 is the powerful heart of the ship or power plant level which is capable to online capture all engine parameters from different systems and evaluates and analyses them at the same time to predict incipient failures.

In this way, the DocSoft acts also as alarm monitoring system for the engine with the capability to communicate with the alarm system on the ship.

Furthermore, the DocSoft sends all engine data to the EDCenter.

Open data capturing layer

The engine data capturing layer is able to automatically collect the parameters directly from the automation system and in combination with an online com-bustion monitoring system. International Technology flexibly offers modular solutions to collect engine parameters:

  • Automatic data capturing
  • Semi-automatic capturing
  • Manual data capturing



The effectiveness of such an overall solution helps ship owners and managers to keep track of the engine performance and fuel efficiency across the entire fleet. Furthermore, the unique concept supplies the latest leading-edge technology to measure and increase the overall efficiency and performance by minimizing the fleet’s energy demands.

The solution effectively and efficiently automates the huge data collection- and analyzing process across the entire fleet. The unique design of the EDCenter is able to simultaneously analyze the engines of your fleet. The solution eliminates the uncertainty of energy efficiency and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the solution automatically informs chiefs, superintendents and fleet manager about the actual engine conditions. In emergency cases, they will be alarmed by e-mail. The interactive e-line platform is able to bring together ship managers and experts on demand to find immediate solutions in emergency cases. In this way, decisions can be taken immediately to effectively manage energy efficiency and maintenance costs of the entire fleet.

Essentially, ship-owners and the maritime industry can benefit from this new platform. With the latest engine efficiency technology available now, optimised performance results in higher return on investment.


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