International Technology offers a complete engine diagnostic and validation package in an entire solution called e-line.

The unique e-line concept of International Technology supports ship owners and managers to improve engine efficiency and maximise profitability. It offers an overall technology to measure the engine performance and specific fuel consumptions across the entire fleet.
Furthermore, the systems facilitates automatic engine performance data collection for marine- and stationary diesel and gas engines.
The system is designed to validate and manage the engine performance data comparing actual ISO corrected measurements with load related shop trial data. This serves Chief engineers as well as ship owners and operators to get a quick status of the engine performance and fuel consumption.  

The e-line concept consists of a 3-layer concept:

  • EDCenter fleet engine diagnostic center layer
  • DocSoft ship engine diagnostic layer
  • Open engine data capturing layer

The unique and modular e-line concept can independently be used on each layer and flexibly upgraded at any time.

Data acquisition

For automatic data acquisition, the e-line contends the high precision engine monitoring systems called:

Engine validation

To automatically validate the engine performance data, the e-line is powered by the new features of DocSoft e-3:

  • ISO correction module
  • Load diagrams
  • Engine validation module

The new ISO correction module incl. reference conditions, eliminates the influences of ambient conditions and makes measurements comparable.

The engine validation module presents deviation from limits in traffic-lights and additionally visualizes it in the load diagram.

Full data collection / Engine validation

To ensure the effectiveness of the system over the long term, the e-line concept integrates the unique engine diagnostic center called EDCenter in a modern cloud application. The solution automates the huge workflow of engine reports between ship and operator and enables to access data anytime to keep track of the history and predict what will happen with the engine condition in the future.

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