Significantly lower vibrations lead to lower maintenance costs

The online multi cylinder engine-monitoring systems for portable and permanent installations provide a power balance on diesel and gas engines with very high accuracy.
The new systems, such as the portable DocHub e-932 WLAN as well as the DocGate e-732 LAN for permanent installations determine in real time and with high precision the exact performance differences between the cylinders in one cycle.

Such differences are caused when the cylinders brake against each other, which means that the engine is not perfectly balanced and leads to massive vibrations which affects the mechanical parts of the engine excessively. The effectiveness of power balancing was demonstrated by the fact that the engine vibrations fell by a remarkable 35%. 

Such a reduction minimizes maintenance and replacement costs, since the excess energy does not affect the clutch, bearings and piston rings.

Graphic reduced engine vibrations up to 35%

The vibration graphic shows a lower engine vibration curve between start and end of power balancing. even when the indicated power was reduced by 500 kw, the shaft power remained stable at 6750 kw and the load at 85%.

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