Pioneering work in measurement technique of diesel engines


First-time recording of all cylinder pressures on the main engine of the vessel DART-Europe during a crash test in the Baltic Sea. For this test, approximately 300KG equipment was needed.


Cavitation measurement on injection elements. Verification of anti cavitation measures on icebreaker vessel Admiral Makarov.


Stroke movements of pressure and suction valves under full injection pressure on the injection pump.


Injection of water emulsions for reduction of nitrogen oxides with corresponding emission measurements.


Filmed combustion of the pilot injection through a quartz window in a large diesel engine cylinder 2 stroke Sulzer RLA 76.


Dual fuel (Gas / Diesel) study for pilot injection pyrometer measurement (light-intensity sensor) on a quartz glass window in the cylinder head.


Measurement and control electronics of the first modular servo-controlled heavy fuel injection valve and control system for common rail engines with mechanical redundancy.


Development and production of valves for fuel pressure measurement.


Founding of FUCHS TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL GmbH. (Takeover Denkra Sweden)


Development and launch of engine monitoring system THE DOCTOR DM 4-3


Developments of the PC SW THE DOCTOR Version 2.0


Product enhancement: Graphic display of measured values directly on the EPU of THE DOCTOR DM 4-3


Pre announcement of the portable multi-channel real-time data monitoring systems THE DOCTOR DM 8-24 to display synchronous all cylinder pressures including the fuel pressures and other parameters if needed.


Cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH and the Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI. The aim of the collaboration is the development of THE DOCTOR system family to an expert system, which enables to localize and diagnose errors and their causes simply and efficiently.


Presentation of the ETH study as CIMAC Paper 166 on CIMAC Congress in Bergen

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