DocPad 1/2 e-600 e-line

The DocPad e-603 / DocPad2 e-623 starts a new era of tablet based engine analysis systems.
The new portable single cylinder monitoring system consists of a data acquisition unit in combination with a modern tablet PC. The system is part of the newly launched "e-line" family, which includes a complete solution from data capturing with an automatic engine report as well as an automatic engine analysis software (see DocSoft e-3). In the unique and cloud based engine diagnostic center, called "EDCenter", the data is automatically analyzed and compiled to a fleet overview. 

The combination of the tablet technology allows the system to connect directly to the Internet and sends the engine reports to the EDCenter in order to update the fleet performance. On various engine parameters the EDCenter shows the engine condition with traffic lights and indicates when savings can be achieved.      

The DocPad2 represents the new generation of this portable single monitoring device
and distinguishes itself through a higher resolution (0.05 degree crank angle) and therefore
higher accuracy.               

                                                                                                                                                                        Portable single cylinder system

Simplified work on board / improved usability

We caught the wave of the global technological change to tablet PC's and use this new technology for our monitoring systems. This leads to a new and intuitive touchpad interface which is very user friendly. 

There is no need to transfer data to a computer. The monthly reports will be filled out automatically by the system after the measurements are taken. Simply fill out the rest of the report and push the button to send the data onshore or to the EDCenter.

The system has a modern and robust design for harsh environments in engine rooms.
It is flexible and can integrate different sensors specifically tailored to your needs.

Since the new system is open to the internet, the unit can be accessed directly from outside for any further support or upgrades.


Statement of first users

We have done a full performance and are very happy with the system and find it easy to use.

Chief Engineer / Stolt

Integrated engine condition report

The new DocPad system integrates various official engine condition reports of Wärtsilä or MAN. Customer specific engine reports can be integrated as well.

Faster than ever before, the reports can be produced automatically by the system and sent directly to the back office.


View your engine condition in real-time

The system contents the powerful and unique online monitoring technology of its bigger brothers which enables you to create an accurate view of the real engine condition. This becomes possible by an improved data streaming process between the tablet and the data acquisition unit. All calculations are done in the system software on the tablet PC and do not need to be transferred to another PC.

Scope of delivery

The standard scope of delivery contents:

  • DocPad1/2 e-600 basic system
  • Tablet PC (customer requirement)
  • Combustion sensor (customer  requirement)
  • Thompson adapter
  • Sensor extension cable
  • Special USB cable
  • PC software
  • Engine performance report
  • EDCenter / Engine diagnostic system test access for 2 month




Different signal sources with up to 3  input channels of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines can be measured and analyzed online:

  • Cylinder pressures
  • Crank shaft movements
  • Optional 3rd channel
    • Shaft power
    • Scavenge pressure
    • Fuel pressures
    • Acoustic sensor
      (valve opening / injection timing)

The system can easily be configured by the DocSoft e-3 software to support any type of additional sensors.


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