DocPad 1/2 e-600 e-line

The DocPad e-603 / DocPad2 e-623 starts a new era of tablet based engine analysis systems.
The new portable single cylinder monitoring system consists of a data acquisition unit in combination with a modern tablet PC. The system is part of the newly launched "e-line" family, which includes a complete solution from data capturing with an automatic engine report as well as an automatic engine analysis software (see DocSoft e-3). In the unique and cloud based engine diagnostic center, called "EDCenter", the data is automatically analyzed and compiled to a fleet overview. 

The combination of the tablet technology allows the system to connect directly to the Internet and sends the engine reports to the EDCenter in order to update the fleet performance. On various engine parameters the EDCenter shows the engine condition with traffic lights and indicates when savings can be achieved.      

The DocPad2 represents the new generation of this portable single monitoring device
and distinguishes itself through a higher resolution (0.05 degree crank angle) and therefore
higher accuracy.               

                                                                                                                                                                        Portable single cylinder system

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Product Information
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