DM 8 - 32

The Doctor DM-8-32 is a unique new portable multi-channel real-time online analysis system. It is a combined multi-channel data acquisition device and a robust touch screen based tablet PC containing a next generation The Doctor 3.0 analysis


Desired signal sources can be measured and analyzed real-time:
• Cylinder pressures
• Shaft power
• Fuel pressures
• Fuel injection time
• Scavenge (charge) air pressure
• Crank shaft movements
• etc.

The Doctor DM 8-32 can be tailored to your needs. The flexible and modular design makes it possible to change and add interfaces for different inputs.


• Maximum number of acquired signals at least 64
   (64 single ended / 32 differential)
• Default ADC resolution 16 bits
• 5 Slots chassis for different signal interfaces
• Standard Interfaces:
- Cable tree module for 12 signals
- Analog input module for 4 signals
- Incremental encoder for crank shaft movements
- Pick-up for TDC and teeth

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