DocSoft e-3

The DocSoft e-3 is the powerful heart of the ship or power plant level which is capable to online capture all engine parameters from different systems and evaluates and analyses them at the same time to predict incipient failures. In this way, the DocSoft also acts as alarm monitoring system for the engine with the capability to communicate with the alarm system on the ship. Furthermore, the DocSoft sends all engine data to the EDCenter to warn the managers onshore by e-mail about abnormal conditions on the vessel. This important function ensures that immediate action can be taken on all levels to ensure energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.


Using the online capability of the DocSoft changes the workflow of analysing the monthly reports on the unit level. Instead of waiting for week or month on an external expertise the DocSoft gives the result on spot.


The DocSoft e-3 software is the basic element in all measurement devices produced by International Technology. It is the only condition monitoring and diagnostic software for slow and medium speed diesel engines that records and analyzes data in offline and online real-time modes in portable and fixed installations in a single cylinder and multi-cylinder configuration. From hand held tablets to big workstations; the DocSoft e-3 is designed to fulfill the whole measurement chain.
Thanks to an intuitive user interface, only a few mouse clicks are required to visualize your measurements in a clear way. The DocSoft e-3 PC software is developed in close cooperation with our customers and has a history of over ten years. The software’s usability has always been our driving factor to make your engine diagnostics tasks easier, more reliable and faster. The software’s user interface is customizable to your needs. Keep it simple or make more advanced engine analysis; the DocSoft e-3 suits your needs. It is not a surprise that the DocSoft e-3 PC software is classified as the most usable product and best in its class.

The DocSoft PC software at a glance:

  • Online data acquisition (single and multi-channel real-time)
  • Support for many different measurement signals like cylinder, fuel and boost pressures, shaft power, ISO correction signals, etc.
  • Automatic performance report for any brand
  • Quick engine status with traffic lights
  • Engine validation on board and remote online for the superintendent
  • ISO corrected measurements and calculations
  • Easy benchmark with previous measurements or across fleet
  • Fuel saving potential
  • Different correlation chart with TC cut out curves
  • Collecting data in cloud to view anytime anywhere
  • Open gateway to integrate data from other systems
    (signal or digital data source)

Traffic lights and ISO correction

The measured and calculated values are corrected either ISO, or with reference conditions. This eliminates the influence of ambient conditions and makes measurements comparable.

The engine validation module presents the deviation limits in a simple traffic light overview. For a deeper analysis, the deviation can be visualized in other views of the DocSoft e-3 software such as correlation charts, bar graph or crank angle, etc.

Simplified work on board

Together with the previous functionalities the DocSoft e-3 software online automatically collects the engine performance data from different signal sources for further diagnostics and comparisons. The new enhancements give the chief engineers a quick and reliable overview about the engine status. No need to fill out lengthy reports as the new software can easily be set up to automatically fill out reports.

Improved usability

Furthermore, the system is designed to online automatically share the results with the superintendent onshore or by pushing a button to benchmark the results with the entire fleet. This is possible because the software is seamlessly integrated into the unique engine diagnostic center in a modern cloud application. The solution automates the huge workflow of engine reports between ship and operator and enables to access data any time to keep track of the history and predict what will happen with the engine condition in the future.


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