DocSoft e-3

The DocSoft e-3 is the powerful heart of the ship or power plant level which is capable to online capture all engine parameters from different systems and evaluates and analyses them at the same time to predict incipient failures. In this way, the DocSoft also acts as alarm monitoring system for the engine with the capability to communicate with the alarm system on the ship. Furthermore, the DocSoft sends all engine data to the EDCenter to warn the managers onshore by e-mail about abnormal conditions on the vessel. This important function ensures that immediate action can be taken on all levels to ensure energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.


Using the online capability of the DocSoft changes the workflow of analysing the monthly reports on the unit level. Instead of waiting for week or month on an external expertise the DocSoft gives the result on spot.


The DocSoft e-3 software supports many different measurement devices which allows a mixture of systems to be used throughout your fleet. It is a big benefit that all measurements made by different data acquisition devices can be analysed and compared by the same diagnostics software. It makes it possible to share the knowledge between different people and related parties in your organization.

Depending on your needs, you can use a simple data collection unit or multi-channel online data acquisition devices in portable or fixed installation configurations. All different data acquisition systems interface to the same highly regarded DocSoft e-3 software allowing a mixture of systems to be used throughout your fleet. The measurements can be transferred between vessels and land offices via e-mails or with the help of your company’s IT system. The DocSoft e-3 can be used not only for analyzing a single engine but also for supervising your whole fleet on the seven seas or power plants around the globe.

Online measurements

What makes the DocSoft e-3 software desirable is the possibility to online stream data from every cylinder simultaneously and  in real-time. Compared to conventional cylinder-by-cylinder pressure measurement systems, which are influenced by movements of the fuel rack, rpm variations and sea conditions, this means accurate information regardless of conditions.

All user interface views and engine parameters are regularly updated in short intervals. It has never been so simple to make a fast and reliable engine analysis. And as all cylinders are simultaneously diagnosed you can balance and tune your engines easier than ever; even with a portable diesel engine analysis system. You just connect the cables to the desired sensors and start measuring; click start and you see how your engine is working. The DocSoft e-3 can automatically adjust firing order and put the TDC in the right place even without an external position sensor.

Remote monitoring

The DocSoft e-3 has opened a new era in engine monitoring by allowing to analyze online running engines across the standard Ethernet network. The measurements can be streamed in real-time from engine rooms to the control rooms and then forwarded to onshore land offices. This allows further evaluation of the measured data by engine experts and provides a structured way for managing the valuable data from your engines.

24/7 functioning and automatic data logging

For the fixed installations the DocSoft e-3 software provides non-stop uninterrupted engine monitoring and it can be configured to include automatic periodic data logging in constant intervals.

The data logger simultaneously works in the background with other device usage. One of the primary benefits of using the DocSoft data logger is the ability to automatically collect data on a 24-hour basis. This allows a comprehensive and accurate picture of the engine conditions being monitored.


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