DocSoft e-3

The DocSoft e-3 is the powerful heart of the ship or power plant level which is capable to online capture all engine parameters from different systems and evaluates and analyses them at the same time to predict incipient failures. In this way, the DocSoft also acts as alarm monitoring system for the engine with the capability to communicate with the alarm system on the ship. Furthermore, the DocSoft sends all engine data to the EDCenter to warn the managers onshore by e-mail about abnormal conditions on the vessel. This important function ensures that immediate action can be taken on all levels to ensure energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.


Using the online capability of the DocSoft changes the workflow of analysing the monthly reports on the unit level. Instead of waiting for week or month on an external expertise the DocSoft gives the result on spot.


Portable multi-cyliner real-time online monitoring of big diesel engines with a WLAN/Ethernet connection to the control room.

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