DM 10-TP

The DM 10-TP belongs to the family of multi-channel online engine monitoring and performance analyzing systems. It is designed for permanent installation in harsh and rugged machine room environment. The system is controlled by an ergonomic touch panel and runs with the DocSoft analysis software.

The entire system collects data simultaneously under all load conditions and continuously from desired signal sources like cylinder and fuel pressure, new in correlation with Shaft power, scavenge pressure, crank angle movements, etc. The System provides accurate real-time data for engine analysis and diagnostics. Further the system can easily be configured as VIT control system in a closed loop enviornement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Permanent online 24/7

The DocSoft e-3 receives now shaft torque signal from Maihak system. Based on the torque signal the DocSoft shows actual shaft power, load and engine efficiency in real time on the front panel. Another new application is a new correlation chart analysis window, in which you can see desired parameters like Pmax and Pcomp against load and other parameters. The cylinder specific measured values are shown as dots in the charts and those can be compared to reference data from the sea trials or to a known limit lines.

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