DocGate 732 e-line

The DocGate e-732 is a cost effective and robust permanent multi channel
online data acquisition and alarm device. The system does not require a computer in
the engine room. It is online connected via Ethernet with a remote workstation
in the control room. The system runs with the powerful DocSoft e-3 analysis
software which controlls the engine permanently. It includes alarm
detection with visiual and acoustic alarm indication.
The DocGate e-732 is designed for permanent 24/7 installation in rough and
harsh engine room environments. The system can be equipped with a wireless
and ergonomic tablet PC to operate around the engine.

The system is part of a new overall solution concept called "e-line“.
This solution automates the huge data workflow between ship and operator.
Engine data can be accessed at any time in order to keep track of the
history and predict what will happen with the engine condition in the future.                                    Permanent online monitoring
(see also EDCenter)                                                                                                                                      and alarm system     

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Product Information
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