DocPro 1040 e-line

The DocPro e-1040 is a robust multi channel online data acquisition system
for permanent and continuous engine data acquisition. Compared to the DocGate e-732, the system is additionally able to simultaneously evaluate
the shaft power. This unique system is able to online compare the current measurements with the shoptest data stored in the DocSoft e-3.

The DocPro is online connected via Ethernet with a remote workstation in
the control room. The system runs with the powerful DocSoft e-3 analysis
software which controlls the engine permanently based on the key performance indicators. Therefore, the system also includes alarm
detection with visiual and acoustic alarm indication.

The DocPro is designed for permanent 24/7 installations in rough and
harsh engine room environments. Additionally, the system can be equipped with a wireless and ergonomic tablet PC to operate flexibly around the engine.

The system is part of a new overall solution concept called "e-line“. This solution automates the huge data workflow between ship and operator. Engine data can be accessed at any time in order to keep track of the history and predict
what will happen with the engine condition in the future.                                       (see also EDCenter                                                                                                                  ALL IN ONE
                                                                                                                                                    Shaft power integrated engine monitoring


The system allows the ship's management to maintain the engine while saving significant amounts of fuel, reducing CO2 and NOx output levels. Next to the cylinder pressure, it also measures torque and power transferred from the main engines to the propellers and delivers the efficiency of the engine in high accuracy. The comparison between the indicated power, output power and the fuel consumption gives valuable information to avoid over-stressing the engine.













The DocPro e-1040 allows to analyze online running engines across the standard Ethernet network. The measurements are streamed in real-time from engine rooms to visualize in the control room. Furthermore, the system analyzes the data continousely and if limits are crossed, alarm will be indicated.

The system functions 24/7 and can be configured to either include automatic periodic data logging or constant intervals. In the background the data logger works simultaneously with other device usage on a 24-hour basis. The system online diagnoses and visualizes the engine on different parameters with traffic lights. The DocPro e-1040 online calculates ISO corrected key performance parameters. The system is designed to simultaneously collect from 38 to 70 signals.

Remote monitoring

The measurements can be streamed from the control rooms to onshore land offices. It enables further evaluation of the measured data by engine experts and provides a structured way of managing the valuable data from your engines.

Simplified work on board

The system gives you the flexibility to react immediately if changes need to be done. The data shown in the control room will also be displayed in the engine room.

In order to display the online measurements in the engine room, the wireless tablet can be connected to the DocPro by a wireless router in the network.

The new and intuitive touchpad user interface supports the new way of measurement which makes it user friendly and easy to use. 

As a system of our e-line family, the unit can be accessed from outside for any future support or upgrade (reducing service time). 

    Remote monitoring


General information DocPro e- 1040

Desired signal sources of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines can be measured and analyzed online in real-time:

  • Cylinder pressures
  • Crank shaft movements
  • Shaft power
  • Scavenge pressure
  • Fuel pressures
  • Acoustic sensor
    (valve opening /
    injection timing)
  • ISO correction

The DocPro e-1040 can be tailored to your needs with up to 32  input channels. Easily, the system can be configured with DocSoft e-3 software to support any type of additional sensors.

Scope of delivery

The standard scope of delivery contents:

  • DocPro e-1040 LAN (base system)
  • PC software
       - Online software
       - Engine performance report
       - EDCenter access for 2 month


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